Benefits of Periodontal Surgery

Benefits of Periodontal Surgery

By: Floss Dental | On: June 21, 2010

Periodontal surgery is generally used for the treatment and removal of bacteria in the mouth and under the gums. Here are some benefits of having periodontal surgery, if it is determined that it is needed.

1. REMOVES BACTERIA- The main purpose of periodontal procedures is to remove harmful bacteria, usually from beneath the gums. Once the bacteria gets underneath the tissue, it can cause serious problems, so removing it as soon as possible is important.

2. PREVENTS DAMAGE- By removing the bacteria, it prevents further damage to the tissue and possible loss of teeth from the bacteria weakening the gums. Tartar along can rot and weaken teeth, and must be treated.

3. IMPROVES HEALTH- Periodontal surgery can significantly improve the health of your mouth. A healthy mouth is important to a regular lifestyle, so periodontal surgery may be necessary if bacteria have collected.

If you are experiencing pain and are concerned about the health of your mouth please contact us for a consultation and examination.


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