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Floss Franchisee  

At FLOSS Dental we’ve created A NEW EXPERIENCE IN DENTISTRY; our patients tell us so every day. But when a seasoned dentist or investor appreciates this business opportunity - well, that is truly flattering! Thank you for your interest in our Brand Partner program.

Lucky for us, not many dental practices have an attractive and fresh new business model. At FLOSS our FLOSS brand is our biggest selling point! No competitor has been able to capture the culture and innovative approach to dentistry like FLOSS. And that means huge opportunities for growth and expansion!

FLOSS competes directly within the dental segment. We are a more attractive practice that not only provides, but requires better unconditional service, can-do attitudes and simply a more exciting culture than our competition. Our carefully engineered systems simplify the FLOSS operation, empowering skilled operators to dominate our segment in home markets.

The full Discovery Process from initial contact to awarding of your own FLOSS franchise generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks.


  • Initial Pre-Qualification Call
  • Discuss Investment Requirements
  • Determine if applicant is Pre-Qualified
  • In further detail introduce applicant to the FLOSS Dental concept.
  • LIVE Q & A with CEO & Founder Dr. Clint Herzog
  • Background and credit check conducted.
  • 2 Years Tax Returns, 6 Months Bank Statement
  • Preview Trademark Agreement
  • Territory Approval
  • Franchise Orientation
  • Spend the day with the FLOSS Management Team
  • Visit 3- 4 FLOSS Locations
  • FLOSS Awards Applicant Trademark Agreement
  • Sign Trademark Agreement and Pay Initial Franchise Fee.
  • Schedule Initial Training Program.

We award franchises to only the best candidates in each market. The continued growth and success of our brand depends on our franchisees, and our highly experienced leadership team works side by side with them to deliver the support needed to dominate each market.

If you think you have what it takes as a top-level FLOSS Brand Partner candidate and would like to start the Discovery Process, please complete and return our FLOSS Application and Non-Disclosure.

Afterward, we will contact you to discuss the opportunities and areas available!


The FLOSS Concept  

What makes owning a FLOSS Dental practice different? That's simple, 100% Ownership!

Dentist/Pioneer Dr. Clint Herzog and franchise managed company with tons of experience in brand building and dental franchises, is offering Dentists, currently in practice, who want to grow and be part of America’s Hottest new brand, a 100% ownership in a FLOSS practice of their own.

At FLOSS, our patients love us because we love them. We are dedicated to transforming the experience in dental care, and we show it by building strong relationships with our patients from the moment they walk into our office. Our state-of- the-art facilities help create an atmosphere that is bold, inviting, and inclusive; as well as our staff providing the highest level of service that builds trust giving our patients a fresh New Experience in Dentistry. We believe every dental patient deserves this type of unconditional service. Every patient deserves to be a FLOSS patient.

The same goes for our FLOSS Dentists!

Our franchise concept is dedicated to reducing the dentist’s management efforts while allowing them to focus on treatment. At FLOSS, our proven business model has shown to drive more patients, increase production while leveraging group buying power and rebate programs to achieve greater profitably.

No more struggling as a solo dentist – doing it all by one’s self. You’ll no longer be limited as a one off practice.

With FLOSS Dental you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

You retain 100% equity, practice dentistry on your terms, but with the support, economies of scale and the foundation of corporate dentistry.

To learn more about your FLOSS opportunity, contact us


The FLOSS Support  


FLOSS Dental has grown to be one of the hottest new chains in the country. The brand has developed into a Texas powerhouse and now with entry into the Florida markets, we have begun our drive to nationwide expansion.

FLOSS made its mark now for several years in large part due to our positive relationships with our franchisees. Working to support practice owners provides us with a financial perspective and attention to detail that ultimately leads to better overall solutions for the brand.

Helping Brand Partners, staff members AND patients grow to their very best potentials

Over the last few years, we’ve developed strong systems that you can take advantage of today, including:

Design and Construction

  • Real estate site selection using proprietary market optimization models
  • Practice design & construction support
  • Equipment purchasing
  • Conversion, refresh, reimage & remodel consultation


One week of full-time training in a designated Franchise Training Location using a blended training approach of:

  • FLOSS TRAINING MAXIMIZER - Online training portal
  • FLOSS U - Ongoing training and best practices
  • On-the-job training (OJT)
  • Classroom training
  • Meetings with key contact

Information Technology

FLOSS diligently explores the dental industry looking for technology and trends that might help support the success of your FLOSS practice. FLOSS newsletters and updates will help you stay informed while not losing focus of your FLOSS practice.

  • FLOSS DENTAL RCM ANALYTICS - Drill down to the numbers
  • FLOSS CRM DASHBOARD - Tracks marketing and operational excellence
  • FLOSS TALENT MAXIMIZER - Ongoing recruitment
  • Research and Development
  • 24/7 help-desk support
  • Access to daily business intelligence report


  • FLOSS FROGS - Community and social programs
  • Customized marketing plans to support the launch into new markets
  • Local marketing options include google AdWords, digital and social media, direct mail, billboards, and radio


FLOSS Franchise take an aggressive role in stimulating sales to achieve greater profitability. They assist and represent franchisees in the following:

  • FLOSS OPERATIONS SCOREBOARD - Snapshot of office operations efficiency
  • New programs and technology
  • Labor allocation and equipment utilization
  • Practice audit

Group Buying Power

We partner with multiple sources to provide each practice we serve with:

  • Low Supply Costs
  • Group Rebates
  • A reliable network for dental supplies and services
  • Industry leading clinical, technical and business standards integrated into all aspects of the FLOSS system

FLOSS is dedicated to the success of our Franchisees, we have developed an opening business model that has a solid track record. We will pair you with our development team throughout site selection and construction of your opening FLOSS location.

Before you open CHECKLIST:

  • Training - FLOSS will require some in-office training by the office manager/operator prior to your practice opening. We offer online training through the Training Maximizer for all office employees and new hires. In addition, there will be quarterly FLOSS U regional training seminars for all offices to participate.
  • Marketing and Promotions - Our marketing design team will create monthly marketing pieces, email campaigns, online advertisement and support special events throughout the year! We will help you analyze marketing data to ensure your marketing dollars are being used in the most effective manner.
  • Operations - FLOSS will provide an office opening checklist and timelines of key milestones that need to be completed from securing funding, identifying Real Estate, Construction to opening the door of your practice on the first day. We will provide all the support tools you will need to seamlessly open your first FLOSS practice.
  • Pre-Opening Purchasing - FLOSS has standard opening orders we recommend; however, an office can always modify as they see fit to meet the doctors need. Our opening orders are for: back office supplies, equipment, and all recommended lists to open the office with.
  • Information Technology - FLOSS has identified several systems, some proprietary, which will allow your office to operate at its maximum efficiency. These support systems will come with training manuals, 3rd party support representation as well as FLOSS support.

To learn more about opening a FLOSS Dental in your area, contact us



At FLOSS we believe that the success of our brand will be a direct result of the quality of our Brand Partners. Our selection process starts with choosing only the best candidates who share our commitment and enthusiasm for providing better dentistry, unconditional service and the love of our patients.

If you are currently a 3rd or 4th year student, an associate dentist, current owner/operator looking to increase your revenues or a seasoned investor, you may be exactly who were looking for!


Initial Investment

$450,000 - 775,000 Based on equipment order, location and buildout.

Agreement Details

  • One Time Franchise fee: $50,000 per location ($35,000 for each additional location)
  • Agreement term: 10 years
  • Monthly Royalty Fee: 3% of Gross Production

Management and Operating Requirements

The ability to deliver a superlative customer experience while maintaining a dedication to develop the FLOSS culture. Live in your market and have the willing to build strong ties to the local community. The ability to create and manage an organization that recruits, trains, retains and motivates people effectively. Dedication to operational excellence.

Financial Requirements

Typically the following financial requirements are necessary to secure funding:

  • 675 FICA Credit Score
  • 2yrs Experience
  • 20,000 or less of revolving debt
  • Student Loans are expected and "OK"



Conversions of existing, new build and multi-unit buildings usually present the best opportunities for good sites with favorable economics. FLOSS prefers highly visible sites along major intersections.


  • Areas with strong work base and heavy daytime working population.
  • Upscale apartments and neighborhoods are crucial.
  • Total population of +100k within five miles.
  • Daytime working population of +100k within five miles.
  • Average household income of $75k+, but preferably $90k+.


  • Preference for an Upscale Strip Center or Lifestyle center, Endcap, Inline, or Freestanding along major freeways and retail corridors 1600-2200 SF with 10+ parking spaces.
  • 2nd Generation or new development would be fine.
  • Excellent signage and visibility a must.
  • Excellent site ingress and egress with traffic signal preferred.


  • Lifestyle or power centers with big box anchors.
  • Places with high traffic like Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, HEB or similar with high volume daytime traffic.
  • Clientele is shopping, this could even be boutiques.
  • Regional, super-regional malls.
  • Healthcare corridors.


The FLOSS Leadership

Dr. Clint Herzog (Founder and CEO)

Dr. Clint Herzog grew up in south Texas, graduated from Texas A&M in 1996 and was top-ranked at UT San Antonio Health Science Center in 2000.

After running one of the most successful and well-respected cosmetic dental practices in Dallas, he created the concept of FLOSS, a high tech practice providing the full range of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, at an in-network price. He has fused his small town upbringing with the latest in the dental profession to create a New experience in dentistry

He has served on the Dallas police review board, is involved with DASA (Dallas All Sports Association) and was an honorary chair for DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids) Dallas. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his friends and family at the lake. He is extremely involved in many areas of the Dallas social and charitable scene. Clint is also very proud of his adorable daughter Parker, 7 years, son Hudson, 3 and son Axel, 2.

“When I begin practice dentistry, I was surprised by how often I heard this phrase. I believe the dental health plays a vital role in my patient’s well-being and it became my personal mission to illuminate this attitude after all how can patients get the care they deserve it they even making the appointment?

I identified a need for a dental environment that will not only alleviate patient anxiety, but actually foster a positive feeling about going to the dentist. I recognize unmet demand for a dental office where patients would feel welcomed and surrounded by modern comfort and technology. I saw an opportunity to provide a setting where patients would be treated like rock stars and even have fun! Lastly I believe this concept of this unique, full-service dental office could align with in network pricing.

I was committed to transforming dental business so I opened FLOSS: A new experience of dentistry.

I’m humbled by the results are team has achieved at FLOSS. Since opening our first location in 2008 we have grown over 23 offices that overflow with caring, talented dentists and truly dedicated staff members, all with one singular vision: we are committed to transforming our patients experience at the dentist’s office.

Our patients tell us that they blown away by the experience we created and we love to hear the compliments. But to hear it from dentists who tell us they like to join our brand in growth - well that’s a whole new level of compliment! We appreciate your interest in FLOSS.

Seeing a dentist open his or her first office is deeply rewarding and we are honored to be able to help ambitious doctors realize their entrepreneurial dreams. We pride ourselves on selecting only the best candidates in each market to grow the brand and in return we provide those brand partners with the support and resources they need to be successful.

Our site will show you some of the highlights of our brand and support, but I encourage you to get know us better by reaching out to us directly. Thank you for interest in becoming a part of the FLOSS future” -Clint Herzog, D.D.S.

Damien A. Morales (V.P of Franchise Development)

Damien Morales grew up in Dallas, Texas, graduated from the University of North Texas in 2001.

He offers a distinctive combination of career development that predicts positive contributions for franchisors he’s worked with. As a seasoned professional with industry leaders like FLOSS Dental, Golds Gym International Franchising Corporation and Images 4 Kids Franchising Corporation, his experience helps guide FLOSS Franchise Development. He also serves his county as Parks District Commissioner, a non-paid public official.

His experience has provided him the opportunity to make significant and profitable contributions to FLOSS Dental. He brings new ideas, ways of thinking and franchise techniques that have produced successful results. Damien also enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.



Q. How do I own a franchise and become a FLOSS Brand Partner?
A. FLOSS is always looking for highly motivated qualified candidates for the opportunity of becoming a franchisee Brand Partner (BP). To get started to learn more about the Floss Experience, fill out the form for Additional Information.

Q. What are the qualifications for becoming a Brand Partner?

A. Whether you are a student, associated dentist, owner/operator, or seasoned investor there could be a unique opportunity to become Brand Partner of one or even multiple FLOSS locations.

Q. How long does it take to open a FLOSS dental practice?
A. Each location can vary, depending on a variety of factors, including: site selection, build-out requirements, permitting and training. However, it typically takes approximately 6 months from signing the agreement to opening your FLOSS practice.

Q. What kind of training and on-going support can I expect?
A. FLOSS has uniquely designed all core training for your entire office within our proprietary online training portal called the FLOSS Training Maximizer, which allows for regular updates on all the newest technology and patient techniques. Additionally, we provide an opening training team to provide on-site pre-opening and opening training, supervision and assistance to you. Once completed, franchisees receive regular updates to their training, including on-site visits and operation reviews.

Q. What is the typical revenue of a FLOSS practice? A. Revenue capability will depend on a number of factors, such as your ability to manage your FLOSS patients and lead your team, location, traffic, operating costs and financing terms. Naturally, as in any business venture, growth takes time, but we believe in our FLOSS program and will work with you hand in hand.

Q. How much does a typical FLOSS Brand Partner earn?

A. Earnings depend on several factors, such as your ability to manage your FLOSS and its operating cost. As with any business, the more efficiently you operate your business and the deeper relationships you build with your team and your patients, the more you will earn.

Q. What is the term of the franchise Brand Partner agreement?
A. The initial term of your FLOSS franchise agreement is 10 years.

Q. What is the availability for a FLOSS practice in my area?

A. Currently, we are evaluating many new territories throughout the U.S. Contact our Franchise Development Department for availability in your trade area. To get started to learn more about the Floss Experience, click this link to fill out the Request for Additional Information.

Q. What are the site requirements and typical size of a FLOSS?
A. Typically a FLOSS practice is 1600-2000 square feet with 10+ parking spaces. Prime locations that have excellent visibility and easy access are most desirable. In addition, sites should be located in high traffic areas with above-average daytime and residential demographics.

Q. If I am interested in obtaining more information, what should I do next?

A. Contact:
Damien Morales, V.P of Franchise Development 419-796-1825