Oral Hygiene Part 4: Myths

Oral Hygiene Part 4: Myths

By: Floss Dental | On: October 7, 2010

When it comes to oral hygiene, myths are in great supply. Everyone has their own thoughts on what oral hygiene entails, but in reality there is relatively one way to attain proper oral hygiene. It is smart to avoid the following myths about oral hygiene and to simply follow the facts.

Going to the dentist is overrated

Most people say this because they frankly are scared of the dentist or do honestly consider the dentist’s office to be a waste of time. The problem with this myth is that leaving teeth without proper care from a dentist can come back to bite you, no pun intended. Dentists have tools that are able to remove bacteria that home tools like the toothbrush and floss are incapable of doing. Visiting a dentist at least twice a year is important.

Mouthwash is a viable replacement for brushing and/or flossing

Mouthwash is not in any way a viable alternative to brushing or flossing. All three have their own duties and responsibilities that play their part in a healthy mouth, but not one of them is necessarily more important than the others. Brushing and flossing are important for removing plaque buildup and excess food particles, while mouthwash is able to cleanse the mouth of bacteria brushing and flossing was unable to rid the mouth of. All are important and should be used regularly.

Nothing you eat really hurts your teeth

This is yet another false myth about oral hygiene. There are certain foods, primarily candies, that can hurt your teeth. Sugars are like steroids for bacteria in the mouth. A collection of sugar on teeth can quickly become a farm for bacteria. Limiting your consumption of sugars is very important.

Avoid these myths and try to maintain regular hygiene habits and dentist visits for the sake of a healthy mouth and for the sake of a bright smile.


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