Invisalign is almost completely invisible, removable and still straightens teeth to help patients look their very best even while they are straightening their teeth. It has allowed teens and adults the chance to obtain a beautiful smile without worry of the social stigma that comes with braces.

Invisalign Before and After

Invisalign patients often wonder what the results will be from an option to straighten their teeth that does not involve actual metal braces being attached to their teeth. It is hard to imagine that something that is so difficult to detect while in place can cause a lot of change in one’s mouth. Fact is that Invisalign can provide comparable results to standard braces in so many situations. The Invisalign before and after photos look much like the before and after photos for other ways to straighten teeth.

Invisible Braces

Standard braces are placed on the teeth themselves. In addition to the actual braces, there are a number of various attachments. These can include bars, elastics, rubber bands and springs, all of which can catch food, prevent you from brushing or FLOSSing correctly and keep you from getting your teeth as clean as they could be. Food caught in braces can also cause bad breath and may result in more frequent cleanings that can add to your dental expenses.

When braces are not cleaned properly, the patient may experience tooth decay and decalcification. Even if the patient practices good dental hygiene, it is common to end up with cavities or yellowing.

On the other hand, Invisalign trays are easily removed to allow for normal brushing and FLOSSing during treatment. This greatly reduces the risk of tooth decay. Many people refer to this solution as the invisible braces and given how difficult they are to detect it’s not a bad nickname.

Invisalign Reviews

Our website does not contain Invisalign reviews, but we encourage our patients to take the time to do a quick search on the reviews about this great solution for straightening teeth. Like with anything else online you will find both positive and negative reviews, but we are confident you will find that the vast majority of reviews are glowing. We have many happy patients at FLOSS Dental who chose this option to straighten their teeth while looking great!