what is ROOT CANAL?

Pain stemming from infections or injuries to the soft tissues within your tooth can be excruciating. Typically, this pain results from pressure on the nerve endings within the tooth’s pulp. Experiencing such pain has the potential to disrupt your work and cause considerable distress. At FLOSS Dental, we offer high- quality root canal treatments designed to eliminate infected pulp and nerve endings from your tooth. Opting for this treatment will not only alleviate your pain but also contribute to the overall improvement of your oral health.

when are ROOT CANAL required?

Infections affecting tooth roots or the pulp often necessitate root canal treatment. Several common indicators that suggest the need for a root canal include:

All the signs mentioned above signify that your tooth is in distress and calls for a dental root canal.

which dentists are responsible for IV ROOT CANALS?

The dentists at FLOSS Dental possess the necessary qualifications and expertise to perform a variety of root canal treatments. Opting for a standard root canal typically takes no longer than one to two hours at our dental office. If the situation is exceptionally complex, we can also assist you in finding a root canal specialist or an endodontist. These dental specialists undergo advanced training in the field of endodontics, which encompasses the study and treatment of conditions affecting the interior structure of the tooth and its pulp.