what is IV SEDATION?

In most cases, IV sedation becomes essential for oral surgeries and complex dental procedures. This procedure entails the insertion of a small IV into your arm, through which a safe sedative is administered into your system. As a result, you gradually enter a sleep-like state, enhancing your comfort during the procedure. IV sedation is generally considered safe for the majority of patients, particularly when undergoing more invasive treatments.

why is IV SEDATION needed?

Several factors may make IV sedation the optimal choice for you. If you are facing oral surgery or an exceptionally complex procedure and prefer to be unconscious during it, IV sedation is a suitable option. Additionally, if you struggle to remain still or relax during treatment, we may recommend this sedative. IV sedation can alleviate the challenges associated with sitting through a procedure, benefiting both our staff and your overall experience.

who is candidate for IV SEDATION?

The majority of patients visiting our office are typically suitable candidates for IV sedation. Prior to recommending any form of sedation, we conduct a thorough review of your health and medical history. If you are not able to undergo sedation, it is crucial to inform us during your appointment. IV sedation is an option available for both pediatric and adult patients who may require it.

what happens during IV SEDATION?

The process initiates with your comfortable seating in one of our operatories. Subsequently, a small IV is inserted into your arm to administer a secure and efficient sedative into your system. In approximately 15 minutes, you will gradually enter a sleep-like state, and we proceed with the necessary procedure. Once the procedure is completed, the IV is removed from your arm, and you are accompanied to one of our recovery rooms. Adequate time is allotted for you to awaken sufficiently before leaving the office. It is crucial to have a friend or family member present to facilitate your transportation home, if necessary.

For those interested in learning more about IV sedation, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today. One of our helpful staff members will gladly provide further information and assistance.